Accessories for a comforting jungle trip

When you plan a trip you need various accessories to make it memorable. Clothing, footwear and waterproof accessories are categorized for each trip. Depending on the location and weather conditions of the area these accessories are selected. For instance, if you are planning a trip to the mountains then you will require sticks and mountain climbing accessories.

For a jungle trip you will require clothes that remain damp. Your clothing avoids any dehydration for a trip to the jungle. Cotton clothes are the most suitable for such trips. To protect your body from cold climate, wear layers of clothes. Bring sweaters and excess clothing that covers your body from severe weather. Another option is to wear full brim that covers your complete body from weather conditions and insects.

For jungles in which peak rainfall is recorded or you find chances of rain in various months of the year, you will require water proof jackets and coverings. Local citizens avoid extra accessories and they enjoy the rain. For travelers from worldwide areas water proof jackets are available. Wear trousers for cold area to cover your legs from cold.

Footwear you choose for your trip should be comfortable and relaxing. Never choose small or loose shoes that do not fit your size. You may stay for a few days in the jungle; wear breathable shoes along with waterproof socks to feel comfortable. Avoid wearing heels or sandals at your jungle trip. High heels are never recommended for forest tours. Flat foot wear or joggers are the appropriate choice of footwear for a trip to the jungle.

Other than these accessories you have to bring eatables. Keep water bottles with you in maximum number. Take precautionary measurements before going for a trip. Ask your friends and experts who have previously enjoyed a similar trip. This will help in selecting the right accessories for a decided location.

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Jungle Safari – Life Experience!

Jungle safar, no less than a wanderland! where exciting adventures and fun expeditions waits for you!
hunting food and a range of fun activities. You can go trekking, tubing, kayaking and elephant riding, but also give yourself plenty of free time to sit back and soak up the beauty of nature out here in the jungle of khao sok.
Staying in tree houses high up in the rainforest canopy and raft houses on ChiewLarn Lake, you get a real feel for jungle living.
Whatever you’re looking for – whether it’s adventure or relaxation – you get a back-to-nature experience you won’t soon forget
Nepal not only offers you the glorious mountain trekking and raging white-water rafting, but also a fine selection of pristine national park for adventurous jungle safari. Well, Jungle Safari in Nepal can be very exciting experience in our life.

Sure, Jungle Safari in Nepal is a fun filled package ideal for anyone.

Nepal has 14 national parks and wildlife reserves. And most of which have dense tropical jungles teeming with diverse wildlife and exotic birds. Well, you can ride on elephant back or drive four-wheeler to view wildlife and their habitats.

You can either canoe or enjoy bird-watching. Definitely, you can have the most memorable nature walks, village and cultural tours, bird watching excursions and so on. Nepal is the home of flora and fauna. Various national parks of Nepal have been preserving this amazing natural heritage.

You can see wild life such as swamp deer, black buck, musk deer, blue bull, Royal Bengal Tiger, Mugger Crocodiles and Gharial, Asiatic wild buffalo and many other endangered species of animals, birds and so on.

You will have plenty of time to have jungle walks overlooking the enthralling beauty of Jungle vicinity. In Nepal you will discover the ideal situation of viewing the jungle scenery, animals and birds and the indigenous local people and their tradition, costumes, and languages.

The popular jungle safari destinations in Nepal are: Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park, KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve among others.

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The Kit List for Jungle Trip

To travel in tropical regions is full of challenges, because Jungle trip could be very hot, wet and humid. Kits would help make your trip enjoyable if properly prepared for that. Always keep the kit dry so that you could be safe and protected from the tropical insects. Here presenting key factors related to jungle trip.

Basic accessories you need

High SPF sun block spectacles
A rolled, hanging one Wash bag Travel Towel
A waterproof Wallet
All function soaps
A Dry clean Bath
Insect killing spray
Cream for Bite Relief
First Aid apparatus
big torch
bottle of water
Water distillation
Travelling adaptor
Multipurpose instrument
dried out bags

Clothing kit

Clothes for jungle trips are designed to be wrinkle-resistant, light in weight and quick in drying. Most of them are made to be able to face high sun protection, extra aeration, and secret safety pockets inside.
Under wears for men and women
adaptable Trousers
Long Sleeves clothes
water-resistant Jackets
water-resistant Trousers
Sleeping kit

To sleep in the jungles could be hot and humid, but before the sun rises it becomes rather breezy. Most of the nights would be spent outside, with mosquito net, wrapping sleeping bag. Sometimes it becomes cold outside, so these sleeping bags keep body warm. A man-made bag would be heavier but can keep the body warm. A Silk bag Liner would also be good one; it will add warmth to the bag.
Bags for sleeping
Mosquitoes Net

Pillow casing

Carrying bags
The choice of which bag to take on you travels is diverse. You can choose from a front loading pack that usually comes with its own day pack, a best trekking bag must be chosen if there is lots of belongings to take. Separate the carrying bag from rain cover to keep everything dry.

Footwear kit
It should include
pair of socks

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A Jungle Trip – The Trip of a lifetime

If you have had a trip to the wild, you probably think you have lived your life to the full. However, if you have not gone on a jungle trip, you should seriously consider it because this is the ultimate trip of a lifetime. Most times when people think of a trip to the jungle, they think of wild animals growling at them from all around and harsh weather biting hard at them from all corners. Well, unless you go on such a trip, you can never really experience life with nature.
Going on a jungle trip gives you quite a number of things to benefit from. There is the fact that you will get away from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is also the fact that you will get to experience some really wonderful weather in the jungle. The weather of the jungle is very unique and one only has to experience it to understand how spectacular it is. Also, taking such a trip will bring you in direct contact with Mother Nature. Whether you are interested in animals or plants, you will be able to get a fill of your desire and you will be able to have a wonderful time out there.
To engage in a jungle trip, you need to be sure that you are actually ready for such a trip. Make sure you have all your items for travel and ensure that you have all your medical issues sorted out. Your transport and accommodation are equally important. Also, when you go for the trip, you will have to move with a tour guide who will move along with you as you experience the thrill of the jungle. Such a trip will be a big part of your life for years to come.

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What does a dolphin trainer? | Animal and nature: Miscellaneous

Dolphins coach is one of the most popular professions. You are in fact much busy with dolphins and this is for many people a great animal. But is it really so much fun, or training of dolphins is very much against it anyway? What does a dolphin trainer actually and where he or she must take into account?

Dolphins Coach
A dolphins trainer often need to get up early. Even before the park opens already hard at work. There must be weighted and cut fish. A bottlenose dolphin eat an average of six to eight pounds of fish a day. Also, everything must be ready before the visitors come. The trainer on a special list can see exactly what happens to the animals is going on and where they should consider. The dolphins trainers need much cleaning, such as the space where the fish is prepared. Otherwise, there are all sorts of bacteria on the Dolphin can be off, where sick of.

Many people think that dolphins trainers all day with the dolphins, but that is not true. But, there is also done to train dolphins. If shows are after all, this must be going well.

What does a dolphin trainer?
The trainer sure they shall exercise every day and plays with the dolphins. There should be a band formed with the animals. All trainers know the animals and so know all differences between the animals. They also know what a dolphin likes to do, or rather does not do. Though that’s no guarantee, because as said dolphins are like children in a kindergarten classroom. If they have no meaning, they do it somewhere in either. It can also take the animal trainer in the grind and pretend he don’t want to do something. Find that the animals also always a really fun game. Therefore, a trainer always for variety. He will never let the Dolphin do exactly the same as the previous day. The Dolphin will also never a few times in a row should do the same, because then it becomes boring.

Dolphin Gets a medical training every day. This is very important, because the trainers or the Dolphin know still healthy. For example, the temperature is measured and there is no identification of any wounds on the skin. If all of that is done, get the animal a reward. For the control they need to do things like a few difficult very quiet lie on their backs. This medical training is very important because the dolphin at least know what to do when the animal is sick and needs a doctor.

Dolphins reward
A reward may fish, but that is not the only way to be rewarding. The trainer can also be very enthusiastically Act, making the doflijn notes that he has done it well. This can be done by or to fold. In addition, each own a whistle with a very high show trainer. No whistled as the Dolphin has done something right. This may stop the animal understand that the practice are. So it is very important that the trainer at just the right time flute. If this does not happen, a dolphin in the confused.

For example, if the coach too early flute, the next time the Dolphin will think: ‘ The last time it was do now though right? ‘ That is why only a piece if they get trainers a number of years working in the Dolphinarium. For that time, they must use their voice to make it clear what they expect of the animal. There should really be made no errors.

Good condition
The dolphins should have a good condition and of trainers. Keep not only of animals is enough: at a show for eendolfijnentrainer there may be more than two thousand people look at you. So you have to also love the people and those people also get excited if you are busy with the show. Trainers of the shows also have a lot of condition. They have a lot of swimming, diving and crazy jumps.

Track everything about dolphins
There is written exactly how it all day with the dolphins. How much have they eaten? What jumps they have created? How the animals behaved? All those things are very, very important, because the coaches know exactly or it goes well with the dolphins. If a dolphin eat too little, he might be sick.

Dolphins in a show
The order of the jumps is also very important, because a dolphin alternation needs. You better not every day do the same, because then the Dolphin itself will get bored. Just like a toddler will get bored if he should do the same all the time. The shows that are never the same. Before the show starts, throwing the trainers with a dice. The dice determines what show is done. The dice is a creative solution to choose a program, but there are more possibilities to some variation. The variety is very important.

The jumps in the shows are the same as the dolphins in nature. They are often only in nature and less highly spectacular.

In addition to the shows, there are also times when the animals can do something for themselves. For example, they get balls or playing with each other. They can take hours.

Dolphins trainer has contact with visitors
In addition to cleaning and train with the dolphins, a trainer also much contact with the visitors. There is always someone who asks a question and, of course, it is important that you remain polite. The visitors are a day out and you want so that they have to their liking. Even if there are weird questions shall be asked, or if you get the same question ten times a day, you will have to answer neatly. At the Dolphinarium, it is important that people learn more about the animals and their environment. So, people are more involved with the sea and they will do more to protect the animals. The contact with the visitors in the Dolphinarium is therefore very important.

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What does a dolphin trainer? | Animal and nature: Miscellaneous

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A 3-day hiking tour Sapa Vietnam trek through Hoang Lien National park and Muong Hoa Valley

Trip Highlights:
Spectacular landscapes of the Hoang Lien mountain range, Muong Hoa National Parket and Muong Hoa Valley.
Unique culture, custom and way of living of the Black H’mong, Giay and Red Zao ethnic peoples.
Day-by-day itinerary:
Day 1: Sapa – Tram Ton – Sin Chai (L,D)

09.00 am you will be met up with Lotussia local team at your hotel in Sapa (Please inform your hotel name upon your confirmation). You will be transferred from Sapa to the Tram Ton Pass. Stop at the Silver Waterfall for a quick visit. Then walk around the Heaven Gate and enjoy magnificent scenery of the other side of Hoang Lien Son range.
Start trekking from Tram Ton. You will follow a narrow trail sneaking on mountain sides and through the thick rain forest of the Hoang Lien Nature Reserve. You trek downhill for almost 3 hours before you arrive in the Sin Chai Village, inhabitated by the H’mong. Walk around this village, visit some local houses. Check into a local house for dinner and overnight.
Day 2: Sin Chai – Cat Cat – Y Linh Ho (B,L,D)
After breakfast, you will leave the village at about 09.00 am. You will walk on a good path to the Cat Cat Waterfall. Have a short rest by this nature wonders before you continue your trek. You will trek up and downhill along the Vang Stream for over 4 hours. You trek through part of Hoang Lien National Park covered by thick bamboo and rain forest, and pass by several isolated hamlets of the Black H’mong.
Upon your arrival in Y Linh Ho Village in mid afternoon, you may want to have a short walk around to explore the village before checking into a local house for dinner and overnight.
Day 3 : Y Linh Ho – Lao Chai San – Lao Hang Chai – Giang Ta Van – Sapa (B,L)
After breakfast, you will leave Y Linh Ho village at about 08.30 am. You trek uphill to Lao Chai San 2 and Lao Chai San 1 villages of the H’mong following a large dirt path. You then trek up and downhill on a narrow dirt trail to Lao Hang Chai village, inhabited by the H’mong. Explore this village and then trek uphill for two more hours through the thick rain forest.
Lunch will be provided en route.
After lunch, you will trek downhill for about one hour going to Giang Ta Van Village and then onto Ta Van village of the Giay, located near the Muong Hoa River. You may have time for visiting this large and prosperous village before being picked up again by Lotussia vehicle and transferred back to Sapa. The end of Lotussia Travel service.

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A 3-day hiking tour Sapa Vietnam trek through Hoang Lien National park and Muong Hoa Valley

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Wales and its castles | Travel and Recreation: abroad

Wales has the reputation that there per square km more castles than any other country. Rightly or not, there are indeed numerous fortresses and ruins. For a castle lover as I a true lust. It is going too far to visit them all. Because the rest of Wales is worth to look at. That is why I have made a selection of four castles that are certainly worth a visit. Lots of fun while reading the descriptions.

Cardiff Castle
I start at Cardiff Castle, for the simple reason that this is in the middle of the capital city of Wales. (article link). The foundation of the castle dates from the time of the Romans (so 2000 years ago) that had to fight hard for the population in coercion. The donjon in the middle of the edifice was built by William the conqueror. He was the Duke of Normandy from 1066 to 1087 and King of England.

During the 17th century the castle was destroyed during a civil war. The Marquess of Bute, who then emigrated from Scotland to England took the restoration two centuries later. The Crown in the clock tower recalls the Scottish ancestry of the Bute family. For this radical restoration signed Bute the Extrovert William Burges
bedroom Marquis Bute
as a designer. This resulted in a mix of styles. From medieval to Arabic and fairytale motifs in the nursery. Rooms full of details and overloaded with motifs. The Arab room with its Cedar wooden Interior. The Castle gives a good insight into the lifestyle and the worldview of the societal crème de la crème during the reign of Queen Victoria. This Victorian era was characterized by complacency that originated the great onion bloom of trade and industry.
The emphasis was on outer morality and decency. Worth a visit!

Caernarfon Castle
The most famous Castle of Wales, Caernarfon Castle. In Wales is the notation Caer-yn-Arfon and means ‘ fort near;, ‘, that is to say, the island of Anglesey. This island is entirely within the North West of Wales. The Castle, built between 1285 and 1322 by the Norman from his Hughes d’Averanches, can be found on the walls of the former Roman Fortress Segontium. He had to in the 11th century the field clear for the Lords from Wales. A century later, the Castle came into the hands of Edward i. he put an ‘ iron ring of Castles ‘ meant to Wales. Caernarfon Castle was part of this.

Even now there are ties with the English Royal House. In 1969, Prince Charles here until crowned Prince of Wales. In the Queens Tower is an exhibition dedicated to the oldest infantry regiment of Wales, the Royal Fusiliers.

Harlech Castle
High above the Tremadog Bay, in the national park Snowdonia enthroned Harlech Castle. Edward I left this castle built in 1283. After seven years the building was completed. It is a beautiful medieval fortress, with a wonderful view from the Tower; a strong example of strategic architecture. Although it was thought that this fort was impregnable, it is nevertheless several times conquered. In the 15th century it was alternately in the possession of the English and Welsh.

Powis Castle
In the 13th century, this castle, originally serving as a fortress, built exactly on the border of England and Wales. Only later came into the hands of the Earls of Powis. When a few years ago, the last heir died, the castle was transferred to the National Trust (monuments). When you visit word instantly fascinated by the beauty of its baroque garden dating from 1688. Towering hedges around the paths and hanging terraces. The Powis family had close contacts with family who lived in India. The art treasures and everyday objects from this colonial era are still to be found in the Castle (the Clive or India Museum). It goes on the British way of life in India.
The Interior is also special. It has the appearance of the high nobility. Is probable that the reason that Prince Charles here agreeing overnight.

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Wales and its castles | Travel and Recreation: abroad

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Flea: a scourge for humans and animals | Animal and nature: insects and pests

It is one of the unpleasant around the edges of a pet where owner does not want to be a face: fleas. Unfortunately, we cannot get around it and we all agree. In this article you will find some tips and tricks to your House to keep flea-free as possible.

The cycle of a flea
To know how they can efficiently it is good that you bestijden in your mind how such a little creature also develops.

Begins with the adult flea that in optimal conditions some 25 eggs per day. These eggs we find everywhere back: on the animal, in his basket, on the floor, on furniture, on our clothing. Each place that you can really imagine you can be infected. It takes about 2 to 12 days honour that egg. Now we are talking about a larva. This stage takes 1 to 3 weeks. At that time, the larva feeds on organic matter. This can be found in carpets, clothing and pillows. The living conditions are not optimal, the larva can maintain this stage up to 200 days! This time Is also over, then they go in a woven cocoon enfold geography stubs into where they nymf. The larva is now become a motionless wezentje that prepares for life as real, adult flea. They have on average 1 to 2 weeks, but this year up to 1 year. Once the adult flea is she comes out of her cocoon and start to a lifetime of 6 to 12 months.

The ideal living conditions for a flea is a warm, moist environment between 18 ° and 27 ° with a humidity of 70%. The most common flea is the cat flea. Strangely enough this is also the most for dogs. They are seen as ideal host. The hondenvlo is rather rare.

They are not there or are they there?
Fleas can find anytime, anywhere. Because they can delay their cycle so long you suddenly for an unpleasant surprise. It is enough to go to someone on business where such a scourge lies dormant. The eggs continue to paste to you, you take them home and you’re sitting there than itself also yummy with it.

It is also recommended that when moving to your new place thoroughly ontvlooien. You never know whether the previous owner had pets. Than are the fleas you likes to wait for a warm welcome in their paradise. And you’re the main dish.

Contrary to what many people think life fleas especially on the ground. Only when you or your pet walk past, they jump on to bite. If they are satisfied they let fall again. A flea can jump up to 90 cm.

Suddenly you notice many bites and bumps on on the edge of your shoes, on your lower legs and hands? Then you have unwanted visitors in the home.

Take a stand!
Vacuum regularly. Ideally, daily. To do this, use the strongest suction power. Don’t forget also the furniture and certainly not the place to sleep of your pet.
Please note that with the dust bag. Flea life even if they end up in there. Throw in a flea strap or product and bind him firmly close as you dispose of him. Vacuum cleaners cleaner here are very very interesting.
Carpets, blankets and pillows Whisk your best from outside.
Give your pet a thorough wash regularly with custom product.
Infected substances you should wash at 50 ° or more.
Use a vlooienkam and kills the fleas found in a bowl of hot water with detergent.
There are sprays and powders with deltamethrin, permethrin and cyflumethrin substances, selamectin. These are the most appropriate for combat. Especially selamectin is very effective. This does everything under the hands, also the environment.
Regularly use a spray can to your House to get rid of fleas. The preference is for a spray with lavicide and functioning adulticide. These are available in pharmacies.
House, garden and kitchen tips
Paste the suction mouth of the vacuum cleaner. Live fleas can no longer escape.
Chamomile, lavender, tansy and coriander would dislodge fleas.
Shine with bleach to disinfect your whole House, but unfortunately has very little influence on fleas and their offspring.
It is of the utmost importance to be consistent in this here and as a daily routine in build. The only way you can fight against fleas effectively. One flea live is enough for a whole plague.

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Flea: a scourge for humans and animals | Animal and nature: insects and pests

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Bulgaria, holiday at the Black Sea | Travel and Recreation: abroad

The Bulgarian coastline consists of several kilometres of golden beaches, forested hinterland and the Black Sea at high tide by huge waves becomes a true spectacle. Bulgaria has built on the coast whose Gold Beach hotel resorts with its international atmosphere is the most famous. Zlatni Piassatsi such as the actual name is, is a very attractively priced Sun and zeeparadijs where conviviality abounds.

The beautiful Black Sea coast of Bulgaria has a total length of a whopping 385 kilometers. In the North it borders the Black Sea region to Romania and Turkey to the South. Tourists who travel to Bulgaria in particular on the beautiful beaches and historic, renowned seaside resorts on the Black Sea.

Gold Beach
Gold Beach is also known Zlatni Piassatsi . The name Gold Beach is not just imaginary. The legend goes that gold treasures ever were transformed into gold sand. And that seems to be wrong if you’re barefoot on the fine-grained golden sand of the hundred metres wide and more than three kilometre long beach parades. Golden Sands resort is built in a very wooded region and has a long and pleasant boulevard you leads along numerous shops, restaurants and bars. The hinterland is hilly and you can from the Beach the Stara Planinagebergte.

High waves
On the beach are all possible water sports and, of course, you will find sun loungers and parasols. The sea water is crystal clear and the super clean beach running very slowly. If you’re lucky, the black flag. This is a bathing ban, but don’t worry: the Black Sea has a grand spectacle in store for you. At high tide can on a summer day the waves frighteningly high and bright. And that is exactly an unforgettable attraction.

The Golden Sands resort is situated about 18 km away from the port city of Varna, the flight city for holidays in this region. In the current time is Gold Beach entirely focused on environmentally friendly tourism and of many cars you will not suffer. The transport is provided by taxis that run on solar energy, electric trams and bicycle rickshaws.
In Gold Beach you will find a wide selection of hotels, clubs, villas and a campground, and the enormous choice of restaurants with every imaginable cuisine will surprise you. The variety of ambiences is also very large because you will find first-class establishments with live performances to small snack tents beside the sea. In the evening is the special atmosphere in gold Beach aggravated as on various spots folkloric shows, discotheques open and you can enjoy anywhere as a matter of course. The rather massive Gold Beach is suitable for really everyone, and especially for people who find a vibrant nightlife and a cosy atmosphere.

Weather type Bulgarian coast
The climate in Eastern Bulgaria is fine. There is a moderate continental climate. Winters are cold with temperatures similar to but Court of Netherlands in the summer months at an average air temperature of 27 degrees and a water temperature of 24 Gr. too hot there never because there always a mild sea breeze blowing. Rainfall in the summer, there is little so go hesitate out of a bright sky and lots of Sun.
Privatization after Communism
Gold Beach was first developed holiday resort in Bulgaria. It was originally intended for senior officials of the strict Communist regime, but it would not take long, or also the Bulgarian tourists and other inhabitants of Warsaw Pact countries found their niche in gold beach. In 1990 ended Communist rule and this had a great influence on tourism. Mainly due to the privatization of hotels and restaurants in the last few decades, there is a lot of attention to restructuring and improvements of the resort. International companies and foreign investment companies have Gold Beach to a large extent been incorporated, and the famous ‘ Eastern bloc ‘ scenes with the lack of service of earlier times have largely disappeared. Also, there are several tourist resorts to further development, including Solar Beach, a resort located in a Bay similar to Gold Beach, but with the spectacular by the very slow sloping beach this Bay turns into a huge basin.

Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian coast and has more than 350,000 inhabitants. It is located 400 kilometres away from the capital Sofia. It allows for a century known as spa and attracts people from anywhere. This has the Green and clean city an international atmosphere. The city also has a major port for cargo ships and cruise ships. The city has a separate location, it has terraced banks on the Bay and a division of the city on the landward side, where a large lake. The Center is car-free and offers a wide choice of shops that you also in our West could find.
Varna has a long history and that leaves themselves see. The architecture of the city is a mixture of Art Nouveau buildings and Classicist building styles, ancient fortifications but also modern buildings. There are a hundred and fifty monuments in the city whose Cathedral in the Centre a highlight. Furthermore, the city has many museums including an archaeological museum where results of excavations are on display.

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Bulgaria, holiday at the Black Sea | Travel and Recreation: abroad

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Trekking Muong Hoa Valley 3 days travelling through ethnic villages Cat Cat Y Linh Ho Lao Hang Chai Tavan Giang Tu Chai Hoa Su Pan

09.00 am you will be met up with Lotussia local team at your hotel in Sapa (Please inform your hotel name upon your confirmation).After breakfast, you will leave the Y Linh Ho at about 08.30 am. Following a large dirt path, trekking uphill to Lao Chai San 2 and Lao Chai San 1 villages, inhabited by the H’mong. You then then trek up and downhill on narrow dirt trail 2 hours to Lao Hang Chai of the H’mong. Explore this village and then trek further through the thick rain forest.

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Trekking Muong Hoa Valley 3 days travelling through ethnic villages Cat Cat Y Linh Ho Lao Hang Chai Tavan Giang Tu Chai Hoa Su Pan

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